Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nearly Finished

So I've been working away at larger pieces as of late, and I'm totally out of clear wax and waiting for a shipment to come in that has been held up by the hurricane, so no one piece is totally finished, but the bed from the bedroom set is done except for waxing, the large desk is literally one half done and this pain in the butt bar thing is nearly finished, but I am still working on how I want to put the letter on the top.

 The paint is literally still wet on this one. This blue colour is just the underlay colour. The table will be old ochre when it's finished. And I want to keep it...

 I'm still sorting out the wax job on this piece. I can't get it how I want it.


  1. Everything looks so beautiful - but I love love the headboard ( and footboard )

  2. Love, love, love that bed! And the desk is coming along very well.

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