Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Year in Review

This year was a very successful and educational one.

Here is a rundown of a few of my favourite pieces we did this year. And a few key events in our growth as a business.
This is Harry. A very old dresser with lots of charm!

This was a drastic transformation. It was originally maple with orange trim and out-dated hardware. Now it is perfect for a little boy!
This is Stella. One of the most elegant pieces we have done! And it ended up in a VERY good home!
This is Bartholomew. He is a handsome fellow and a true antique. He resides in a stunning old farm house now.
I loved Bartholomew so much, that I found one like him and painted it to go in my own home!

We tried a market this summer. It was a dud. No one came due to numerous marketing errors by the hosts.
This is Gabriele's desk - a little boy who couldn't wait to do his homework on his new desk. 
Elizabeth is like no other piece we have ever come across. I painted her very rustically while my mother was away at the cottage.
Henry and Nicholas (below) are brother who reside in a basement rec room put together by a fabulous interior designer.

Gaston was the masterpiece of our year. He was glued back together before being painted and put in his forever home with a lovely girl who reminds me very much of myself.

This year we also started putting our work in the One of a Kind Antique Mall. It is progressively getting more successful in sales for our business.
Lyla was a spontaneous act of art creation. She was featured on Annie Sloan Unfolded which really made my day.
This is my own shelf. I found a local carpenter who is now helping me with odd jobs to expand the business, and make my home look awesome!

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  1. Your work is beautiful, it was nice seeing a recap of the pieces you have done. They are all so gorgeous, it's hard to pick my favourite! Looking forward to seeing more in 2014. Happy New Year!
    Debbie :)